ECOG Membership map

Who can join

ECOG membership is open to researchers, practitioners and other professionals working on childhood obesity.

The Board accepts also Junior Members i.e. post-graduation students, PhD students, post-doc or researchers younger than thirty years old. When reaching the age of thirty years, Junior Members shall automatically become Ordinary Members.

Why to join

Members will be privileged with reduced congress fees at ECOG Annual Meetings as well as with any other facilitation allowed by other Scientific Societies to the ECOG, and shall receive all periodical publications and e-publications produced by ECOG.

How to apply

To apply for membership please visit:!

Once you have presented your application, if the Board accepts it you will receive a welcome letter and you should proceed with the payment of the annual membership fee.

New members are presented at ECOG annual General Assembly.

Annual membership fee

This is set at 80.00 Euros for the Members coming from West European countries and 40.00 Euros for the Members coming from East European countries.
Please remember that the cost for international transfers is 6.00 Euros, as agreed by all the major banks, starting January 2006.

The status of Junior Membership grants a reduced annual fee but no rights to vote.

ECOG active members are those who are up-to-date with the annual dues.