ECOG at the Conference on Mothers and their children’s health at the European Economic and Social Committee

11 March 2016

On the International Women’s Day 2016 (March 8th) ECOG was invited to have a speech at the “Conference on Mothers and their children’s health” organized by Make Mothers Matter in Brussels, at the European Economic and Social Committee.

The discussion aimed at debating among others nutrition (obesity), hygiene, prevention of disease and education to promote children’s physical and emotional health.

The outstanding audience was composed by European Union institution’s representatives, NGOs founders and delegates from all over the world and the event was simultaneously translated into English, French and Dutch.


Dr Marie-Laure Frelut, on behalf of ECOG, gave a presentation on:

  • Mothers’ unhealthy behaviors that can affect children’s health
  • ECOG’s history and mission
  • ECOG’s free eBook on Childhood and Adolescent Obesity available at

For more information on Make Mothers Matter and on the event please visit, ECOG’s Twitter page ( and the Twitter hashtags #ecog, #MMM4Health and #IWD2016