ECOG & Eurocross for a Cause

28 September 2016

ECOG is proud to support Ralph Mesquita challenge "Eurocross for a Cause". 
Ralph is an ultrarunner that decided to run from Nordkapp, Norway to Tarifa, Spain in the summer of 2017. With the support of a crew, this will take between 70 and 75 days, averaging between 70 and 85kms per day for a total of around 5200km. 
He is running to raise awareness for obesity and raise money for the European Childhood Obesity Group.
Hi run is a pan-European endeavour. It is not about a Belgian runner crossing Europe but about a European runner crossing our continent! 
Let' help him to raise funds and let's join him running along the way. Be it for 1km, 5km, or a whole day!
Follow Ralph's incredible challenge on and on his social profiles:
Twitter (@ralphmesquita) 
Instagram (ralphmesquita)